The versatile letter “o”

I teach English to my colleagues on Tuesday and Wednesday lunchtimes, and I always enjoy designing learning activities for them. They already have a very advanced level of English, and know more about English grammar than most native speakers will ever know. So I don’t have to spend time teaching them basic things like past tense. It’s more about giving them the chance to speak and listen in a fun environment and helping to iron out some issues with pronunciation and prosody.

Here’s an activity that they quite enjoyed (and got most of the answers right!):

7 faces of “o”

1. Go                /oʊ/

2. Woman        /ʊ/

3. Women        /ɪ/

4. Shovel          /ʌ/

5. Hot               /ɒ/

6. Do                /u:/

7. Born            /ɔ:/


Which sound is found in the following words (write a number from 1-7):

Bone cover alone love lose comb bother book oven throw


glove knock prove core loan mother owner two tomb bomb

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