Author Focus is on PJ Connolly

Author focus on PJ Connolly (aka my father) whose debut novel is coming out later this month

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PJ Connolly is on the point of publishing his debut novel, The Priest’s Wife, in his mid-seventies!

So why did he wait so long?

In his early life PJ spent eight years training to be a Catholic priest but pulled out in the final stages when he realized that a life in the ministry was not what he really wanted. He never regretted those years of study and reflection but credits them with giving him an empathetic and understanding attitude to life and people that is clearly evident in his depiction of the three main characters of The Priest’s Wife.

His time in the church was also to influence his approach to the generations of teens who benefitted from his fatherly guidance and advice throughout his lifelong career as a school counsellor.

PJ has always been scribbling. Over the years he published poems, short stories and article in…

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One thought on “Author Focus is on PJ Connolly

  1. I notice you skimmed over ‘a few anxious moments’ without further elaboration. That could have formed the most gripping part of your whole account. But the main thing is you’re back safely on the ground and by all accounts out hunting for wild mushrooms this Sunday morning. Although which is the safer activity might be open to debate.

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